Think about what you do on Facebook

A nurse in Sweden has been reportedly suspended for posting mobile phone pictures of brain surgery and major back surgery on her Facebook page.  The nurse apparently did it to “impress friends with her high-powered job”.  I’m sorry, but how dumb is that!  This isn’t the first time somebody has suffered on a professional level for their social media activities, when are people going to learn?  Remember the story of the budding athlete who was suspended for pictures showing him under the influence of alcohol?  Or what about the public schoolboys suspended for being members of a dogging group?

People have got to start waking up to the fact that Facebook and other social networking sites are mainstream channels of information now.  Just because you have to log in to see information doesn’t make it a secure environment.  People have long been punished in their professional lives for actions in the private lives it is just the case now that people put more information about their out of hours antics in the public domain.  If there is anybody you wouldn’t want to know about something, don’t put it on Facebook!  If you do Big brother will most definitely see it!

2 thoughts on “Think about what you do on Facebook”

  1. Didn’t I read about legislation being brought in order to try to combat employers offering or not offering jobs based on information sourced from social networks? How that would be monitored or for that case proven is another question.

    On the subject of horrific operations and injuries being posted on Facebook, I know someone who is guilty of just that. No more please Rob.

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