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Technology is at the heart of advertising now, and in the future. But like all technologies, the landscape terminology and options can be confusing and intimidating. Do you need a DMP, DSP, CRM or CDP? How do you take the existing customer data and better utilise it for better communications to new and existing customers?

Having the right technology stack helps to make you advertising and marketing more efficient and more effective. Through effective automation and personalised messaging you can deliver more, better, more quickly.

Selecting the Right AdTech

With a plethora of AdTech and MarTech options, all claiming to be able to supercharge your performance. Some offer a complete solution. Others focus on a small piece of functionality and need to be stitched together with others. Selecting the right combination of solutions is not an easy thing to do.

And even once you have decided on the tech stack to move forward with, stitching the pieces together or setting them up for maximum effectiveness is another challenge to overcome. How do you get a return on your investment in technology?

Future Proof Advertising Technology Solutions

Another consideration when implementing and Adtech or MarTech strategy is how future proofed is your solution? We are moving into a world where the 3rd party cookie is no longer going to be powering advertising personalisation. How much is your solution reliant on cookies and is it going to become redundant in the future? And if so what are your options?

A businesses investment in advertising and marketing technology can quickly mount up, it is important to make sure that any solutions are going to be utilised fully and for the long term.

AdTech Consultant Support

Having faced and addressed the above challenges as an AdTech Consultant many times on behalf of businesses and agencies, I can help you avoid costly mistakes in implementing and AdTech strategy. Working with an AdTech Consultant or MarTech Consultant to implement technology solutions will deliver the results you need while minimising complexity and maximising speed.

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