Freelance Digital Strategy Consultant

Over the years I have acted as a digital strategy consultant for some of the countries biggest brands. From individual channel strategies covering PPC, SEO or Programmatic Display, to cross digital strategies focussed on maximising digital spend based on over-arching business objectives. I now operate full time as a freelance and contract digital strategy consultant.

It starts with understanding your goals for digital marketing or digital transformation. From there you can formulate a strategy that meets those objectives; and delivers the results you need. That’s where I come in. Pulling on my 15 years experience of the digital landscape, and knowledge of the strategies that have worked for the brands across a multitude of sectors, I work closely with you or your clients to build digital strategies that meet your objectives.

How does a Digital Strategy Consultant work?

There is no “one size fits all” approach to digital strategy. A good digital consultant will get under the skin of your business and what your strategy needs to achieve to be a success. That’s what I aim to do. Spending time with your team to dissect the history of digital within your business, and understand the role it needs to play in the future.

It starts by discussing the goals for your digital strategy, understanding the measures for success and the resources available. From there you can identify the immediate priorities required to hit the ground running, and medium to long term opportunities to grow further. By having the right people in the room, and the right expertise to facilitate the discussion, before you know it you have the bare bones of a digital strategy.

As a digital strategy consultant I help facilitate and lead the discussion, bringing my 15 years experience to the table. we then work together to build the digital strategy, documenting the approach, dependencies and budgets involved. From there it becomes about implementation.

I have always been a hands on person. So whilst I have led strategies for large national and international brands, I am comfortable being hands on when it comes to delivery. So once a strategy is in play, I will work with you in every way to implement the different elements and keep things on track.

There is a lot than goes in to building and implementing a digital strategy, more than can be documented on this page. So if you are a business who feels they need to get more from their digital marketing activities, or needs to go through a digital transformation process, get in touch and let’s talk.



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