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Over the years my career has given me exposure to a whole range of digital channels and capabilities that now put me in a great place to advise on most areas of digital marketing. Working in an agency exposes you to a whole range of digital challenges and there aren’t many that arise that I haven’t seen before in some form.

That is the main reason I named my consultancy Agent Wolf. It is a hat tip to Winston Wolfe from the film Pulp Fiction, whose opening line is “I fix problems”. That is very much the role I have taken to my consulting services, with clients explaining their challenges and me coming up with a project to address them. This could be a full digital strategy for a new business launch, a particular challenge in an individual digital channel, or a technology or data challenge with their digital approach. My skill lies in getting to the bottom of the challenge and utilising my experience to find and implement the solution.

The other aspect of my experience that helps is that I have always been in an operational capacity. Never too far away from the hands on that I have lost touch with the process of implementation and the platforms being used. So rather than being a purely strategic consultant I am able to bring a hands on approach to my clients.

Having started off my agency career in PPC back in 2004, over the years I have worked in digital strategy, SEO, content marketing, programmatic advertising and advertising technology. This allows me to work with business looking for support across all of these areas. You can find out more about the individual consulting services at the pages below:



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