BBC Digital Expert

In addition to working with businesses looking to increase their digital expertise or improve their digital advertising performance, I have worked with the BBC on a number of occasions where they have required a digital expert or advertising expert for comment on a given topic.

I have discussed a number of topics with the BBC as the digital or tech expert where such things have become news items. Firstly I appeared with the lovely Steph McGovern on BBC Breakfast to discuss Twitters plans to IPO and what it meant for their business and how they were planning to become profitable.

I also appeared with Nihal on 5 Live radio discussing ethics in advertising and advertising technology alongside a number of other advertising professionals.

And most recently I worked with Spencer Matthews on a piece for BBC Watchdog about how high street retailers were using Beacon technology to target advertising.

If you are in need of a digital, advertising or technology expert for your media of related work, then contact me and lets discuss.



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