Digital Media Consultant

Are you looking for a digital media consultant to help improve your digital advertising performance? Then maybe we should talk.

Digital media is a phrase which can be used for multiple meanings. In the age of phrases such as ‘main stream media’ and ‘fake media’ the term has lost a clear definition. For me when I talk about digital media I mean advertising. All forms of digital advertising which are displayed on the media people consume online.

How can I help as a digital media consultant?

I have been fortunate to work in the work of digital advertising since 2004. When people were still discovering broadband and Yahoo was the homepage to the Internet.

Originally working in search engine marketing I became involved in a broader range of digital advertising when I was asked to become digital media manager for the agency I worked in. Looking back I was naive to the way in which the world outside search worked. But I learnt a lot VERY quickly!

Since then I have led the digital media function for 2 of the UK’s largest media agencies. Been Head of the largest programmatic media trading team outside of London. Spent Millions of pounds on digital media advertising and produced some very impressive results on behalf of my clients.

Independent Digital Media Consultant

Now, as an independent digital media consultant and contract digital advertising professional, I use my experience to help businesses and agencies do more, better.

It could be you just want an extra pair of eyes to help understand how you can get more from your digital media activity. Or you could want help understanding what programmatic technology means for the digital media you buy. Or maybe you want to invest in media but cant justify the full time resource. That’s where I come in.

Wide range of Digital Media Experience

Over my career I have extensive experience of most areas of digital media, including but not limited to:

  • Google ads
  • Bing Search
  • Programmatic display
  • Digital media planning and buying
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Advertising Technology

So if you are looking for a digital media consultant and want to know I can help you then you can contact me via the contact form, by email on or via twitter @RobWeatherhead