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Are you looking for a digital media consultant and buyer to help improve your digital advertising performance? Then maybe we should talk.

Digital media is a phrase which can be used for multiple meanings. In the age of phrases such as ‘main stream media’ and ‘fake media’ the term has lost a clear definition. For me when I talk about digital media I mean advertising. All forms of digital advertising which are displayed on the media people consume online.

As a digital media professional for the last 17 years there is not an area of digital media I have not experience. Whether that’s self managed media in the form of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, or more traditional digital media buying via publishers. I can work alongside an agency, or as an independent buyer, whichever way I will endeavour to bring you better results and more transparency from your media investment.

How can I help with your digital media strategy?

I have been fortunate to work in the work of digital advertising since 2004. When people were still discovering broadband and Yahoo was the homepage to the Internet.

Originally working in search engine marketing I became involved in a broader range of digital advertising when I was asked to set up the digital media division for the agency I worked in. A division which grew ten fold in the space of 12 months and worked with some of the countries biggest brands.

Since then I have led the digital media function for 2 of the UK’s largest media agencies. Been Head of the largest programmatic media trading team outside of London. Spent Millions of pounds on digital media advertising and produced some very impressive results on behalf of my clients.

Independent Digital Media Consultant

Now, as an independent digital media consultant and contract digital advertising professional, I use my experience to help businesses and agencies do more, better.

It could be you just want an extra pair of eyes to help understand how you can get more from your digital media activity. Or you could want help understanding what programmatic technology means for the digital media you buy. Or maybe you want somebody to buy and manage the digital media on your behalf. Either way I can help.

Wide range of Digital Media Experience

Over my career I have extensive experience of most areas of digital media, including but not limited to:

  • Google ads
  • Bing Search
  • Programmatic display
  • Digital media planning and buying
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising Technology

Whatever you are looking for, I am confident I can help. All you need to do is get in touch and start the conversation.

Get in Touch to Discuss your Media buying Needs

Some of the Common Questions I Get Asked

Are you a Media Buying Agency?

I am not an agency, I am an independent consultant. My experience comes from some of the largest media buying agencies in the country. I have been a Director at both WPP in their lead agency MediaCom and Denstu Aegis in their media buying unit Amplifi. I have overseen the allocation of 7 figure media budgets and delivered efficiency and results for some of the countries largest brands as well as a number of International projects.

What Type of Media Buying Can you Help With?

My experience covers all forms of digital advertising. I have worked with Google Ads for the whole of my career, and with Facebook and the Paid Social Ad platforms since they came onto the scene. I also have extensive experience of Programmatic Media Buying and Advertising Technology. Having worked within media agencies I also have some knowledge of offline media formats and buying too. So whatever your media requirements get in touch and lets discuss.

Do You Take Care of the Media Planning or Just the Buying?

I can take care of both, or either. If you have an idea on what you want and just want the buying taken care of, that is fine. If you don’t know where to start, I can handle it all. I find the best results come when we work in partnership to define the strategy, the plan, the measurement and the execution.

What is Your Process for Media Buying?

Whilst ever process would vary based on the specific requirements, there are some consistencies that run through them.

  • First, we need to understand your objectives and what you are looking to achieve. Whether it is a new launch, an efficiency play, or a new approach; defining objectives up front will make sure the strategy fits.
  • If no already defined we need to agree the audience we are aiming to reach and what we want them to do. Is it an awareness play, or are we asking them to take action. This needs to be clear.
  • What creative do we have to utilise and is it fit for purpose? Creative availability can affect the channels we have available to utilise.
  • Then we look at media options, all will be considered at this stage. Whether that’s the big tech companies of Google and Facebook, or more niche publications.
  • Media plan development: Clearly defining what the budget allocation will be and what we expect it to deliver.
  • Execution. From initial booking and set up of media, through to optimisation.

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