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The world of ecommerce is booming. With barriers to entry nearly completely removed, and the global pandemic accelerating ecommerce adoption amongst previously reluctant markets, more dollars are being spent online than ever before. The challenge for large corporations and new entrants alike is how to stand out. Whether you are a new product to market who nobody has heard of, or an entrant into an established sector looking to make a name for themselves, the challenge is the same. How do I get people to my website to buy, then return to by more. It sounds simple when you put it like that doesn’t it? But the way in which you achieve this can often be a bit more complex.

I have been involved in ecommerce since its early days. When sites were coded from scratch and Amazon only solds books…how the world has changed. But this experience has allowed me to see and understand what it takes to be successul with an ecommerce site, and in a world of domination by ebay, Amazon and Google, how you can take them on and win.

Digital Strategy for Ecommerce

I have built digital strategies for International business such as Vodafone, British American Tobacco and Skype. I have also built digital strategies for small ecommerce start ups with a single product, and investment backed beauty businesses with a niche product set. This experience allows me to adapt my approach to your needs as a business, your budget, and your objective.

Whether you need a ecommerce growth plan that will make your business International and test out new markets, or you just need that extra few sales a week to build you some momentum, I can provide what you need. My international ecommerce experience covers most territories globally with a heavy focus on the UK, but experience across the US, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia and most other countries across the globe.

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Digital Acquisition for Startups and New Launches

I love working on strategies for start ups and scale ups, or just new product launches and country launches. Working at a fast pace to deliver early grow signs and success that give you the buzz of securing a win and making a difference. These types of strategies also have their own bespoke needs which affect the best approach to take.

With SEO taking time to show results for new website, you need to find the more immediate routes to market to start generating sales. PPC is a great route, but often expensive, Paid Social gives more creativity, but beware the measurement downfals. Making the right decisions here can be the making or breaking of your new launch.

Drawing on my experience will help you avoid costly mistakes if you have a new launch in the ecommerce space.

Ecommerce SEO

Whilst SEO can look like a challenge in the ecommerce world, it delivers such sustainable and scalable results it should be a cor part of your medium and long term goals. Early investment will pay back in the future if you invest in the right things.

I have worked with businesses selling 1 to 1000 products and each prevent their own individual SEO challenges. With smaller product sets your SEO keyword opportunities are more limited. With large ecommerce sites the depth of opportunity is far greater but being able to make changes on such scale is where the complexity lies.

By working with me on your sites technical and content set up, regardless of the number of products you have, we will grow your website traffic from whatever the current base is. All measured and monitored to show the tangible results. Here is just one example of the ecommerce SEO results I have been able to achieve for a client.

If you are an ecommerce business looking for support with your SEO then I can work with you to refine your approach and strategy. Identifying typical pain points in your site, your products, or your ecommerce technology before addressing them and building plans for sustainable SEO growth. All of my work is completely transparent and ‘white hat’ so will provide you with long term results you can build upon.

I have conducted ecommerce SEO programmes on Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and most other popular ecommerce platforms.

Paid Media for Ecommerce Sites

If you are looking to acquire new ecommerce customers quickly, paid media via Google, Facebook and Programmatic channels can often provide more immediate results than SEO.

I first started running PPC ads in 2004 and have seen the channel grow and develop immensely with ecommerce adoption being its core catalyst. After all, if you have a product people are searching for why would you not want to put it in front of them?

What we have seen in a lot of markets over recent years has been the maturity of PPC and and increase in competition due to changes Google has made to their SERP layouts. Often as a result the focus for ecommerce businesses with PPC is driving efficiency and profitability, whilst using the scale of Facebook and Social platforms for sharing their product and finding new customers. The balance between the channels will be dependant on the maturity of your ecommerce business and the market you operate in.

Something I can thankfully help you with. All you need to do is get in touch.

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