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I remember when I started in SEO. It was all pretty easy. Get yourself submitted to the DMOZ, the Yahoo directory, as well as a few hundred other random web directories across the Internet. Over-optimise your meta descriptions (not forgetting your meta keywords), stuff your pages full of keywords, and consider your SEO “done”.

Unfortunately the world of SEO has gotten a bit more complicated over the past decade. Google has gotten smarter. The search results have become more saturated. And overall the process has become far more difficult. But that doesn’t mean opportunities aren’t out there. A good freelance SEO consultant can be the flexible resource you need helping you identify the opportunities for your business, regardless of your sector.

As an freelance SEO Consultant I help businesses to gain more traffic from the natural search listings. Whether that’s through technical SEO work, expanding your content marketing efforts and finding new opportunities, or spotting local and voice search opportunities to leapfrog the competition.

Expert SEO Advice

I have worked on and overseen SEO campaigns in some of the most competitive of markets, as well as optimising my own websites for search engines. As a senior figure leading some of the largest SEO teams in UK, I have seen it all. Now, as a freelance SEO consultant, I help the businesses and agencies of the UK and globally to maximise their SEO potential. Based in Manchester UK, but working with businesses both local and global, I provide expert SEO advice for all sizes of businesses.

Being a freelance SEO consultant means I can be flexible in my approach. From one off pieces of work to fill a gap in resource or expertise, to long term SEO programmes with ambitious goals. Whatever your needs I am sure I can bring my SEO expertise to the table and we can deliver against them, and hopefully deliver results like these:

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SEO services for all types of businesses

Over the last 17 years I have worked with businesses of all sizes and stages in their life cycle. From running global search engine optimisation programmes for FTSE listed companies, to supporting ecommerce startups and helping them get started with SEO regardless of the size of business I have helped them all. And this counts for B2C SEO and B2B SEO too. Whilst the end objective may be different, the objective is the same, gain more organic visibility in the search engines.

So whether you are a SAAS startup starting out, or an international business looking for strategic support, let’s have a chat about how I can help you achieve your goals.

There is no dark secret to SEO, or the tactics that I employ. It boils down to understand how the search engines view your site and your content, and making changes to enhance that view. This often includes reviewing and amending the site hierarchy, building out targeted pages, and looking at the technical infrastructure to aid indexing. You will be surprised what can be achieved just by providing clear concise content to Google that is easy to read, comprehensive, and technically indexable.

Link building is a very real factor, but often this needs to be after other work is complete. There is little merit in building links to a broken website. Get your architecture and content in order first, and then look at your options.

Questions I am Often Asked

How Can You Work with an SEO Consultant?

Companies go looking for a SEO consultant for many reasons. Most start with the basic goal of getting more organic search traffic to their website. The detail of their requirements though come through after you get into the detail. Other businesses have been given some SEO pointers already as to what to address, or done their own research, but need an expert to support in making the required changes. The beauty of an independent consultant is I can flex my service to meet whatever the requirements are to get you to where you need to be. So whether you have a clear picture of what SEO support you need, or a general need to improve your SEO performance, a good consultant can help you.

What Can an SEO Consultant Bring to My Business?

There are many positive ways an SEO consultant can help your business grow:

  • Keyword research: Helping you to identify what your potential customers are searching for. Quite often they do not describe your product in the way you do, or they describe the challenges they have that your product can help with. As an SEO consultant I have access to the tools to help identify this.
  • Technical SEO: Reviewing the technical set up of your website and finding the barriers which may be preventing you from having more SEO success. Your website might look great to you, but how does it look to the search engines?
  • Site Structure, Pages and Content: It is imperative that you present content to the search engines that meets the keywords somebody is searching for, along with their intent. A thorough review of your existing website, site structure and content will identify this.
  • SEO strategy: Once you have a full understanding of the current situation, the site, the content, and the keywords then an SEO Consultant will formulate a strategy based on the information. If an SEO agency offers to build a strategy before doing this, or tells you what you need before assessing, then they don’t now what they are doing.
  • Execution: A strategy is only as good as execution. As an SEO Consultant with both strategy and execution experience I can work with you to get all recommended changes implemented. Whether that’s hands on in a CMS, or working with your team.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Once changes are made they typically need a short amount of time to take effect. The right software used by the right consultant will be able to identify the impact of the changes made, but then also plan out a path for future growth. Reporting it all back to you in an understandable and easy to digest manner.

How Does Your SEO Consultancy Work?

A good consultant is flexible to your business needs and SEO goals. I don’t offer a set of SEO products. There is no Bronze, Silver, Gold to choose from. I am not selling you an SEO training course or ebook (mins is not about SEO and is free). What I do is spend time with you to understand your business and your goals for SEO and how it could work for you. And if I don’t agree you should be investing in SEO right now, I will tell you!

After I understand your business and current marketing, I can look at your current SEO performance and identify the ways in which you can improve your organic search traffic. The SEO solutions I put forward are always bespoke to you and your needs, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It could be there is a lot of work to do, and it will require a concerted effort over a long period of time. It could be that it is a one off piece of work addressing some key technical SEO issues or content focussing.

Once I understand your business I can provide some insight into how I would approach a project and provide a ballpark quote for the costs involved. From there we can discuss whether this is within your ballpark budget, and refine until we have an agreement for what needs to be done. Once the work is underway we will have check ins and regular communication on how this are going, and reporting on the performance uplift

Do you only work in the UK?

I am based in Manchester UK, but I operate with business ranging from local operators, to global multi-nationals. Recent projects have seen me oversee a global rollout of a single branded domain. Merging sites from 20+ countries into a single site for maximum SEO benefit. But I also work with businesses who have a purely UK focus or are just looking to increase their local SEO prominence. That’s the beauty of working with a consultant, I can adapt to your needs.

How Much Do Your Consultancy Services Cost?

All of my projects are priced based on the time involved for each individual piece of consultancy. after an initial discussion I will outline the work I believe needs to be done, and the time it will take to complete it. This will for the basis of the SEO consultancy quote I provide for approval. The work will be totalled up into a final figure which you can have confidence in not exceeding. I will be honest, if you are looking for a cheap SEO solution, you can find that elsewhere. But I can guarantee you will get far more tangible impact and value from my work than you will from any off the shelf SEO product or offshore SEO agency you can pay a few hundred dollars.

Why Would I Choose an SEO Consultant Over and Agency?

Typically the choice between an agency and a consultant comes down to three things. Flexibility, commitment, and cost. There are some very good agencies in the UK (and globally) but there are consistent themes that you will face with them. Long contractual commitments and high pricing. These are not their fault, but a symptom of their business model. They have staff to pay, office rent to cover, and a need for consistent income as a result.

A consultant can be more flexible. Tailoring themselves to your needs from SEO whether that be a one off piece of work or a longer term project. And they carry less overheads. So whilst you pay for the benefit of their experience, you don’t pay for the shiny office, the receptionist and the company socials.

Why Should I Choose *YOU*?

There are lots of SEO consultants out there. After all, there is no official certification in SEO that can be used to filter out those that are trained and skilled from anybody who sets up a website and decides they know what they are doing. All you can do is look into their background and experience.

Ask them how long they have been working in SEO. My answer to that is since 2004, 17 years at time of writing. Ask them what their approach is. If they can’t explain it, or it involves buying directory links or article submissions run a mile. Ask them about pricing. If it is fixed prices making up an inflexible package, expect it to be poor. And if they guarantee you position 1 rankings put the phone down immediately.

I believe if we have a conversation and I explain a typical consultancy project, provide my initial observations and approach, you will be able to see the difference.

What If You Aren’t Near Me?

The beauty of the internet means I don’t need to be. If a Global Pandemic has taught us anything it is that business can be done from anywhere and the requirement to be in the same country, let alone the same building, is no longer relevant. Recent projects have seen me working with businesses in Malaysia, the US, Italy, Switzerland and many more. So whilst the core of my business remains in the UK, there is no geographical reason I cannot work with you. So if you are one of the 1,000 people every month who search for ‘seo consultant near me’, I can still work with you wherever you are.

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