SEO Consultant

I remember when I started in SEO. It was all pretty easy. Get yourself submitted to the Yahoo directory, as well as a few hundred other random web directories across the Internet. Over-optimise your meta descriptions (not forgetting your meta keywords) and the traffic started to flow.

Unfortunately the world of SEO has gotten a bit more complicated over the past decade. Google has gotten smarter. The search results have become more saturated, and overall the process has become far more difficult. But that doesn’t mean opportunities aren’t out there.A good SEO consultant can help you identify the opportunities for your business, regardless of your sector.

As an SEO Consultant I can help identify the opportunity for your business to gain more traffic from the natural search listings. Whether that’s through expanding your content marketing efforts and finding new opportunities, or spotting local and voice search opportunities to leapfrog the competition.

If you want to know how I can help then you can contact me via the contact form, by email on or via twitter @RobWeatherhead