Freelance Digital Consultant

As a digital marketing consultant and advertising specialist I work with both agencies looking to advance their services, and ambitious businesses looking to advance their digital strategies.

With 15 years experience across digital strategy, pay per click, search engine optimisation, programmatic advertising, display advertising, and affiliate marketing there is not much I can’t help with. Having worked for the leading agencies in Manchester and the North West I have delivered for some of the biggest brands in the country.

North West Digital Consultant

I live in Bolton, but have spent the last decade working around the centre of Manchester. So whether you’re in Lancaster or Leeds, I can act as a digital consultant for agencies and businesses across the North West of England.

In terms of what I bring to your business. I am a digital native with a realistic approach to what can be delivered. I am not going to propose Snap, if your audience is 60+. And if I thing your website needs work, then whats the point on driving more traffic to it? I have a pragmatic approach to my digital strategy consulting and will make sure whatever your goals, a plan is put in place to achieve them.

As well as being a digital consultant, I am also a conference organiser, speaker and moderator and a regular judge for the UK Search Awards and Biddable Media Awards.

When I have a spare minute I also like to write. And a few years ago I wrote an EBook (available at the link below) covering the future of advertising in a world of data, technology, and the connection of everything.

>Free EBook on the Future of Advertising<<

Digital Expert for the BBC

Since their move to Manchester, I have been fortunate to appear BBC Breakfast News and BBC 5 Live as the resident expert digital constulant talking about advertising related news stories.

The first time was when twitter IPO’d and I was in the red studio with Steph McGovern talking about the impact social media had and why twitter was IPOing despite never having turned a profit.

Second time I was one of a number of digital experts on a discussion for BBC 5 Live on the impact of advertising fraud and programmatic technology and the ethics of adblocking. Watch this space, maybe I will be a BBC regular 😉 You can see/hear my appearances below.

If you wish to contact me via the contact form, by email on or via twitter @RobWeatherhead