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As a digital consultant and advertising specialist I work with both agencies looking to advance their services, and ambitious businesses looking to supercharge their digital strategies.

With 15 years experience across digital strategy, pay per click, search engine optimisation, programmatic advertising, Website design and development, display advertising, and affiliate marketing there is not much I can’t help with. Having worked for the leading agencies in Manchester and the North West I have delivered for some of the biggest brands in the country.

Manchester Based, International Experience

I live in Bolton, but have spent the last decade working around the centre of Manchester. However the nature of digital technology means wherever you are in the world I can work with you. I have consulted for many businesses in London and love spending time in the capital. I have also consulted remotely for international businesses requiring digital support. So whether you are London, Leeds, Newcastle or Norway I am sure there is a way I can help.

In terms of what I bring to your business. I am a digital native with a realistic approach to what can be delivered. I am not going to propose Snap, if your audience is 60+. And if I think your website needs work, then whats the point on driving more traffic to it? I have a pragmatic approach to my digital consulting and will make sure whatever your goals, a plan is put in place to achieve them.

I have a particular passion for advertising and marketing technology, and utilising it to supercharge your advertising efforts. I love getting into the detail of technical projects and driving innovative solutions using the power of technology.

There are many types of digital project I can help with, but some of the common digital challenges I have helped businesses overcome include:

  • Digital advertising audits and strategy development
  • Digital agency and partner selection
  • Service delivery for agencies
  • Marketing automation through technology
  • Digital transformation projects
  • Programmatic technology implementation
  • PPC and Paid Social Strategy and Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy

As well as being a digital consultant, I am also a regular judge for the UK Search Awards and Biddable Media Awards. All of which helps keep me at the forefront of digital and search and the groundbreaking work being done in the market. I have also been fortunate to be used by the BBC on a number of occasions as a digital expert on various public interest topics.

When I have a spare minute I also like to write. And a few years ago I wrote an EBook (available at the link below) covering the future of advertising in a world of data, technology, and the connection of everything.

>EBook on the Future of Advertising<<

What they say about me:

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what some of my clients have said about me and my work with them:

“Rob brought an unbelievable level of knowledge, which coupled with his commercial experience allowed him to make a real difference to the business. And to top it all off, he’s an absolute pleasure to work with!” Tom Smith – CEO, 7th Minute

“I had the honour of working with him and he was nothing but amazing” Andrew Head – Digital Marketing Manager, Well Pharmacy Group

“I had the pleasure of working with Rob as we brought our programmatic management in-house. His experience was invaluable as we evaluated different platforms and he was instrumental in guiding our strategy across display and video.” Craig Jackson – Head of Marketing, Leesa Sleep

“Thank you Rob for your support and your great work to date. We all agreed you immediately understood our business needs and challenges and have helped us identify areas for growth & improvement.” Strategy Manager, Manchester Agency

“If I was making out a fantasy team of digital talent, his name would be first on the sheet!” Director, Global Agency

“Great to work with, consistently conscientious, bringing his high standards to everything he did.” Senior Manager, BT Telecom

Get in Touch to Find Out How I Can Help

You can get in touch via the Contact Page, find me on twitter or Linkedin, or if you like just Whatsapp me directly. I am here and ready to help!

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Some of the questions I get frequently asked

What is a Digital Consultant?

The most common question of all. The main reason being that the phrase ‘digital’ means many different things depending on the context it is used in. In my case digital refers to your digital marketing, digital presence and digital customer acquisition. My skills as a consultant cover the areas of web development and web presence, digital strategy, SEO, PPC, Programmatic Display, Affiliate Marketing and most areas surrounding how your business operates online and helping you to acquire new customers of leads.

How Does a Digital Consultant Work?

The main benefit of working with a consultant over bringing in permanent staff or working with an agency is flexibility. A good consultant should be able to adapt to you requires, structure a project bespoke to your needs, and operate on a short or long term basis. If you need me to consult for a single day and provide some guidance on how you might improve things, I can. If you want longer term support but on a flexible basis which can be utilised when you need it, that is fine too. Or if you need an intensive project completed where it is full time but for a limited period, that can be catered for. And with all of these options you get the benefit of my years of experience and fixed and transparent pricing.

What Does a Digital Consultant Do?

A good digital consultant calls upon their experience to solve your digital challenges.They spend a lot of time listening and understanding the issue, interrogating the available information, before proposing solutions. They then formulate a plan for implementation, and depending on the engagement follow through and manage the process from there. The types of consultancy work I complete vary massively. From building out digital strategies to fuel growth, to addressing technical barriers on a website, or working with a business to build a digital team.

Is Digital Transformation Part of What You Do?

It can be yes, but that is all dependant on the positive the clients business is in at point of engagement. Digital transformation can cover a whole host of areas, some I can help with, others I can’t. If you are looking to transform your digital marketing, I can definitely help. Likewise if you are looking to transform your digital presence, I can help there too. But if for example you were looking to digitise your call centre or customer care, that wouldn’t be my area of expertise.

What if I am not in Manchester?

If 2020 tought us anything, it is that the Internet has made location irrelevant. I have consulted with business in Malaysia, USA, Russia, South Africa aswell as lots more closer to home in London and other parts of the UK. So regardless of your location if you are searching for an experienced digital consultant then get in touch and lets discuss how I can help.

Get in Touch to Find Out How I Can Help

You can get in touch via the Contact Page, find me on twitter or Linkedin, or if you like just Whatsapp me directly. I am here and ready to help!

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