Programmatic Consultant

In the last 5 years the word programmatic has come to prominence as the “future of advertising”. But as with everything new – and inherently technical – it is often misrepresented or confused.

Having been at the forefront of programmatic for two of the country’s leading agencies I can help demystify the programmatic landscape for you and help explains what it means for you and your business in real terms.  Whether you are an agency looking to introduce new products and services in this space, or a brand looking to maximise its potential, then I am here to help through my programmatic consultancy Agent Wolf.

The support you need will be bespoke to you, however could include:

  • Gaining transparency on the programmatic value chain – where is your money going?
  • Agency vs in-house solutions
  • DSP selection
  • Upskilling on programmatic’s influence on the advertising industry
  • Building your own programmatic team

If you think you need to gain more of a clarity on the latest digital buzzword and what it means for your businesses then get in touch on or 07541413925