Programmatic Advertising Consultant

In the last decade the word programmatic has come to prominence as the future of advertising and media buying. But as with everything new – and inherently technical – it is often misrepresented or confused.

Everybody’s a Programmatic Expert All of a Sudden…

Where there is mystery, there is money. So beware many self proclaimed programmatic expert’s (including me!) before checking out their credentials. Buying through a managed service provider and knowing what viewability is, doesn’t make you an expert in the intricacies of programmatic technology.

Having been at the forefront of programmatic for two of the country’s leading agencies based in Manchester, I can help demystify the programmatic landscape for you and help explains what it means for you and your business in real terms. I understand in detail how programmatic media buying is being managed in the biggest trading teams in the country, how the agencies are selling it, how the suppliers are packaging it, and the main opportunities and pitfalls.

Whether you are an agency looking to introduce new programmatic products and services, or a brand looking to maximise programmatic’s potential, as a programmatic advertising consultant I can help through my digital consultancy business Agent Wolf.

The support you need will be bespoke to you, however could include:

  • Gaining transparency on the programmatic value chain – where is your money going?
  • Agency vs in-house programmatic solutions
  • Programmatic DSP selection
  • Upskilling on┬áprogrammatic’s influence on the advertising industry
  • Building your own programmatic team

If you think a programmatic consultant could help you in achieving your advertising goals, then get in touch and let’s talk:

What is a Programmatic Consultant?

In simple terms, I am an an Advertising Expert who has significant experience in Programmatic Advertising and Programmatic Technology. As an Independent Consultant I am able to bring this experience to your agency or your business and provide unbiased advise on how you can effectively utilise Programmatic to either grow your agency or grow your business.

What are the key challenges with Programmatic Advertising?

The biggest challenge with navigating the world of programmatic advertising is the complexity and number of moving parts. There are a lot of suppliers in a chain and knowing who does what and which are required to be successful is key to get a full understanding of what is going on. As with any high growth market or technology, there are new players emerging everyday. “Game changing” technologies which claim to revolutionise how you do things. Understanding which have a clear benefit and which don’t, is not always easy. For both agencies and advertisers utilising a Programmatic Advertising Consultant can help you cut through the noise and build the programmatic solution which meets your own specific needs.

Another key challenge with Programmatic Advertising is the opaque nature of the flow of money. How much of the money you pay to a provider is ending up being spent on actual advertising, and what cut is everyone making in between. This is a huge issue with a Programmatic Advertising Consultant can help you unravel, and at the very least tell you the questions you need to ask to get closer to an answer. The reason this is an issue is you have both numerous technology and management services involved in a process, and also a lack of transparency on all sides. You may be an advertiser who has appointed an agency, who book through a Programmatic Partner, who operate a Programmatic Trade Desk, which utilises a 3rd part DSP, takes data from a DMP, and in turn buys on a SSP, which connects to the advertiser. Ever single link in this chain is taking a cut of some sort. Some transparent, some less than transparent. Gainnig a greater understanding through working with a Programmatic Expert will drive both efficiency and effectivenes.

And a final key challenge with Programmatic Advertising is a simple one, where are my ads showing and are they actually being seen? I say simple, it sounds it but the answers are rarely that. We have technology that can report on viewability, or time in view, or bespoke metrics combining the two, but which is to be monitored as a measure of success. Very few programmatic partners will give you this information without you explicitly asking, sometimes makes you wonder what theya re trying to hide…

A Good Programmatic Consultant Can Help

As a Programmatic Consultant with decades experience, I have made all of the mistakes, and learnt from them. There is no need for other you to make them too, so why not drop me a line and let’s talk.



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