How to Engage a Twittering Celebrity

With the rise and rise of twitter usage more and more celebrities are being ousted as tweeters by the day.  And due to the social and viral nature of twitter once a user profile is confirmed as being the “official” celebrity profile it isn’t long before their follower numbers rocket.

But how do you go about engaging a celebrity on twitter?  Do you treat them as you would any other follower or does the fact that they are a celebrity change things?

Well, help is at hand from one of the original twitter celebrities Stephen Fry.  @stephenfry  has provided you with a helping hand for how to engage with him and other celebrities on the micro blogging platform. 

Mr Fry has written a post for his website which provides a five step guide to the dos and donts of twitter usage when it comes to celebrities.  By @stephenfry’s own admission, they aren’t guidelines, who is he to tell you how to act, but more insight into how to engage in a way which will be appreciated. 

So if you are following celebrities and want to know how to act around them in the world of twitter, read on!

Stephen Fry on twitter