Google Goes Universal!

It seems the word is out about a new Google design that is in testing for launch soon and it is a big one. Screenshots below stolen from Top Rank Online Marketing Blog (hopefully the link is enough payment for their use!) show some major changes in not only the layout of Google’s SERP but also integration of universal search elements and dare I say it, some Bing style functionality!

So what changes are in the pipeline?

  • Slightly tweaked logo and search buttons on homepage
  • Search filtering using headings in new left column
  • Filter searches by time, bringing in a new real time search element
  • More obvious related search queries
  • Google trends integration to give timelines for search queries
  • Larger map integration with main search column
  • Google Shopping included alongside paid listings

What does this mean for search marketing?

  • Real time search and news sources increase in important due to the time filtering function
  • Each channel becomes even more important and I expect search volumes to increase across news, image video etc
  • Search marketers are going to have to utilise every channel available to gain coverage
  • Search to click on individual keywords will drop as users utilise the new navigation
  • The importance of big keywords (e.g. car insurance) will drop significantly and maybe so will their cost on PPC

Exciting times ahead folks!

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