Ebook: The Future of Advertising

  • As programmatic technology and real time bidding (RTB) begin their encroachment on all advertising channels, and advertising companies become more adept at bringing together our data across devices, we are facing a future where we are advertised to as individuals, rather than as a machine or a member of a faceless target audience.

As I started to collect my thoughts on this future and began putting them down in writing, the word count quickly rose beyond that of a simple blog post, or even series of blog posts. So this EBook was born!

I’ve documented the trends and realities of current advertising and what I believe the future holds.

If you are already working in the detail of programmatic technology or advertising personalisation there is unlikely much here that will be news to you. For those in more traditional advertising or generalist marketing and business roles, I hope this contains some useful insight and information about the direction the world of advertising is heading.

I have also included a long list of links to articles and papers around the subjects covered, whether I have directly referenced them or not. And a section of current examples where we are already seeing what the future holds.

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I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think.

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