Google Fails The Broad Match Test

Ive seen some matching errors in my time in search engine marketing. It used to be one of the best sales tools, and still is in a less obvious way, to take screenshots in advance of a pitch, or sales meeting, of a prospects PPC ads appearing on keywords which are unrelated to their product or service.

But if there is one company you would expect to be able to understand and control their matching system, it would be Google themselves. But apparently not! A search I performed on Google recently for the phrase “marketing jobs” brought up a PPCad for Google Adwords. At first I didn’t realise what had happened, but then it clicked, and a search on the single word phrase “marketing” brought up the Google ad also. Google are broad matching and haven’t included the term jobs as a negative keyword!

Now you argue that they don’t really need to as they wont be paying for the clicks anyway, but surely they should be practicing what they preach!?!

And while I am at it, the ad text isn’t to impressive either. Disappointing effort Google, shame on you!

google makes error in PPC broad matching
google broad match error

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