COVID19 Marketing Strategy Part 2

Last week’s blog post tried to put some structure around the question ‘how should I be marketing/advertising during the Coronavirus outbreak. Ignoring individual business issues such as supply chains, stock, and overheads and just using demand change as an indicator for how to approach things.

The first Matrix focussed on demand pre-COVID19 and current demand now, in the midst of it. But there is obviously a piece missing from this, what will demand post lockdown?  As much as the timing of when we enter a post-COVID19 world and what that world looks like on the other side is open to much debate, each industry should be starting to develop a feeling for what their market looks like in the future and what it means for demand.

So, if we use the same metric of demand as a planning tool but shift the timescale forward as to what is demand now, and what do we think it will be in the future we can build a similar matrix.  This then comes into play once we start to get a feel for how long a business or industry feel they will be feeling the effects of the Pandemic, and at what point they can start planning for the future.

Here is how I would approach it.  Intrigued to know what you think.

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