Which Client Gets More?

Agency client relationships can be interesting to say the least. I have a fair amount of agency side experience dealing with clients who I have been providing digital marketing services for and I can safely say that no two relationships are the same. I’ve dealt with clients who don’t seem to want to speak with you, clients who never leave you alone, clients who understand digital marketing, clients who don’t and all variations of client in between. But who gets the most out of the agency? Which is the best client for building a conducive long term relationship?

Mid adult businessman yelling on mobile phone outdoorsThe constantly demanding client often gets what they want in the short term, they will huff and puff and in many cases their account manager will be pressured into running around like an idiot to service them.  Long term however this client is going to lose out.  When it comes to added value, client niceties, or the impending contract renewal this client isn’t going to get treated the best.  The agency will realise they are over-servicing(assuming they are) and demand a higher fee, or the account manager will begin to resent the client and deliver substandard service or at least minimal effort will be put into their work.  Ultimately the client is going to lose out.

On the flip side you have the client who leaves the agency to it, and doesn’t engage them too much in their work.  This is great from a cost efficiency stand point for the agency, but is it going to make them work hard for their cash?  Not in the long term.  Work will be put in for a while but as soon as a conflict of time occurs, or workloads increase, it is likely to be this client who misses out.

I suppose its a question of timing.  Be strong and demanding when you have to be, but make sure you respect your agencies work and the time it takes and let them get on with it.  If you are happy with your agency, don’t be demanding for the sake of it, they will only resent you for it.