Content Marketers Have No Excuse Not to Be Creative

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality

Standing out in a cluttered world is difficult.  With content marketing being the ‘in thing’ for brands to be investing in, we live in a cluttered world where consumers are bombarded with content to consumer, engage with, and share with their own networks.

The only way to stand out from the crowd through content is to be creative.  And through technology and the internet content marketers have no excuse not to be able to push the boundaries of creativity in their projects.

Technology driving creativity

Obviously you have your content topic, functionality, or design which you can invest in to make yourself different from the competition.  Be more funny, useful, or beautiful than the competition.

Here you need ideas, and lots of them.  Tecmarks brainwriting tool is a great example of how you can generate 108 content ideas in just 30 minutes.

Then there is content format.  And this can be where the challenge lies.  Many content marketers do not have the design or technical capabilities to be creating the level of content needed to produce results.

As a result a whole new industry of tools has emerged allowing anybody who is computer literate to create professional images, videos, infographics and animation without the need to specialist resource.

Tools such as Canva and Pablo for creation of simple images for use with social media.  Infogram and Vennpage for infographic creation and Stock Snap and Pexels for photography and vector images, Flat Icons for icon sets

And beyond simple images, you even have tools like GoAnimate that allow you to create animations without the usual software and experience.  Below is one we created for Tecmark with little more than some photoshop files.

With technology facilitating creativity in such a way, content marketers really have no excuse to be churning out the same ideas, in the same format and just adding to the noise of the Internet.

For a more conclusive list you should check out my colleague Stacey MacNaught’s blog post here.