What is with the Google SERPs?

After the recent vince update Google has been further playing with its SERPs by taking localisation into their own hands and taking it upon itself to decide which country specific results a user wants to see.  Soon you till no longer have the “results from the UK” radio button, Google will know exactly what results to display, neat right?  Well not quite.

Even though the radio butons are still present for now, since the update the SERPs are all over the place, whether a location is selected or not.  Certain google.co.uk searches are returning results from all across the world, prompting uproar from the UK SEO community with them demanding an answer from the Google powers that be as to when and if the results are going to be fixed.

So how bad are things?  Check out these results for a UK search “rent tennis court”.  UK individual, UK IP.  Result 1, Oakland California, result 2, Agoura Hills California, result 7, Portland US.  Not great.

google UK serp showing international results

Google’s respones to the barrage of questions about when it will be fixed? Nothing, complete radio silence.  Petitioning the Google Moderators hasnt yet yielded any results (although if you want to lend your weight you can here) and it seems to me this silence could be an admission of error on Google’s part.  Have you spotted any strange results? post them in the comments



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