Make sure you are ready for a Multi Screen Christmas

Christmas 2013 was a watershed period for multi screen, multi device internet usage. Advances in the available of high quality, low cost mobile devices meant that last year saw a step change in how people used the Internet over the festive period.

On Christmas Day 2013 traffic from mobile phones and tablets made up three quarters of total traffic, overtaking that from desktops by a considerable margin.

Understanding what this means to you and your campaigns is key, as no two customer journeys are the same. According to research by IBM, while tablets drove sales, smartphones proved to be the most popular device for browsing.

And this just involves online sales, the same research suggested mobile influences over £18bn of in store sales, making the picture even more unclear when looking for direct response to campaigns.

Having a clear multi screen strategy for your retail campaigns, and starting to understand how people interact with you on different devices is going to be the key to success this Christmas and New Year. Ignoring any particular type of device and the role it plays in the customer journey will lead to lost opportunity.

Mine your analytics, access your website on as many devices as you can get your hands on, and put yourself in your potential customers, are you offering the optimal multi device experience? And if you were a customer on a particular device, what do you think you would be trying to do? Are you making it easy for them to do it?

More often the answers when you start asking these types of questions are far from positive.

Your website traffic is only going to keep coming from a longer list of fragmented devices, most of which wont be a desktop. And if you are a retailer this Christmas, you don’t have long to act!