Can Google Predict the Top 2012 Christmas Toys?

I have been having a scout around Google trends and the new products being touted for success at Christmas time in 2012 and wanted to do a check to see whether demand in Google could be used to predict the biggest selling toys of this festive period.

After scouring the various blogs and predictions site I have picked out the 5 toys below that are being touted for success.

  • 2012 Furby
  • Innpoad
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • LeapPad 2
  • SpyNet Video Watch

A quick scan of Google trends shows that the 2012 version of the 90s Furby toy appears to be the clear front runner and set to take the mantle of must have toy this Christmas. The Nintendo Wii U however saw an understandably huge spike at the announcement of its US launch in September.

The LeapPad 2 has shown steady growth since the middle of the year and could be the dark horse of the bunch or will the Innopad and the Spynet Video Watch come from nowhere and take the crown?

Of course we wont know for sure until 2012 and the plan is to check back in on this information at the turn of the year to see how good a tool Google Trends was at predicting the overall winner for Christmas 2012.

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