Digital Marketing Set to Benefit from Recession

I have questioned in the past whether affiliate marketing is set to benefit from the economic doomand gloom spreading around the world at the moment due to its relatively guaranteed return on investment.  This message is now being expanded by the press to include other areas of digital marketing and the whole spectrum of online advertising due to its measurability and accountability. 

A recent poll by toprankasked 400 business marketers “What 3 Internet marketing tactics will you emphasize most in the next 6 months?”.  The results showing SEO top of the digital agenda with 149 votes, Blogging second with 134 and Pay per click third with 107.  These are pretty high statistics for a group of people who were not necessarily Internet focused and would undoubtedly be considering these channels against other offline possibilities.  It shows a growing confidence in these channels from mainstream marketeers and a growth in understanding of the benefits to the business.

Similarly Jonathan Mendez is Spitting in the Face of Pessimism regarding the recession and saying that Internet firms with a solid model should be relishing the prospect of economic downturn as long as their business model is built on the right foundations.  Suggesting that Internet advertising models which are based on return and performance are set to benefit, and even prosper in a period where marketers will be prudent with their spending.

I have to agree with these pieces, when the purse strings are tightened, the only channels which will be considered are those which can bring the least risk.  and with their measurability and accountability online channels are bound to come out on top.  What they maybe dont account for is that the advertisers businesses also have to survive in order for them to be spending money.  Many finance companies for example are cutting online budgets at the moment, not becasue the channel isnt performing, but because their OWN market is in disaray, similarly with property advertisers.  But on the whole, digital marketing should come out on top which bodes well for those involved int he industry.  Bring on the recession I say!

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