Two-Facedbook – the other side to connecting people

An article appeared in the Sunday Mirror yesterday entitled “TWO-FACEDBOOK – my hubby of 5yrs got back with his old flame on website”.  Reporting the story of Eleanor Saddlington who’s husband, Lee, walked out on her and their 2 children to reunite with and old school flame.

I cant imagine he is the first to do so, and I dont think he will be the last, but it did highlight to me the other side to reuniting people from the past which is often eclipsed by stories of reunions with old school friends and long lost relatives.  Social networking sites are another communication tool, much like mobile phones, email and instant messaging which people use to connect with each other.  For single people this is likely to involve flirting with members of the opposite sex and connecting with the girl or boy you met in the bar last night.  But for people in a relationship this is another means by which individuals can enbark on extra marital affairs and connect with people out of view of their partners.

Thats the fact, give people a means of communication and they will use it as they choose.  But the article appeared to place some of the blame on Facebook for this occurrence.  To quote the article;

“Lee admitted to her that the fling was down to the site.”

No it wasn’t, it was down to two grown adults deciding that they wanted to pursue each other even though they were attached.  Don’t blame Facebook, it was purely the vessel for the communication.

And what does the jilted mother do to get her own back? Does she petition against Facebook and curse its name?  No, she starts her own group “I hate Stephanie Burton” (that’s the other offender if you hadn’t guessed)/