Services for Brands

Are you confused about the value you are getting from your agency? Or whether you should look at building your own in house team? Well I can help you make the key decisions in both appointing and managing an agency (or not) to get the most out of your digital marketing activity.

It all starts with understanding the challenges you face. By spending time in your business I will be able to understand how best you can deliver against the goals for your digital activity and the best solution for you.  This could involve:

  • The merits of in-housing vs agencies
  • Agency identification based on needs
  • Pitch management for maximum results
  • Fee negotiation vs service delivery
  • Building in-house teams effectively
  • Focus of digital spend for maximum results
  • Deciphering agency jargon
  • Negotiating the programmatic landscape

All services are delivered through my consultancy Agent Wolf. If you need support in any of these areas then drop me a line on or 07541413925 and lets talk.