Using and Agency vs. Inhousing your Digital Marketing

Are you confused about the value you are getting from your agency? Or whether you should look at building your own in house digital marketing team? Well I can help you make the key decisions as to whether to outsource or inhouse your digital marketing activity.

It all starts with understanding the challenges you face. By spending time in your business I will be able to understand how best you can deliver against the goals for your digital marketing activity and the best solution for you.  This could involve:

  • The merits of in-housing vs agencies
  • Building in-house teams effectively
  • Focus of digital spend for maximum results

Or alternatively, if an agency partner is the best route to pursue:

  • Agency identification based on needs
  • Pitch management for maximum results
  • Agency selection and negotation

Should I use a digital agency?

There are solid arguments both for and against outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency. Agencies provide flexible resource and a level of expertise which is difficult to achieve through building your own in house digital team. Or at least they should.

Good digital agencies can help you accelerate your digital strategy by bringing a breadth of resource and expertise and allowing you to focus on servicing your business and your clients. But they obviously come at a cost. So whether or not to use a digital agency generally comes down to how important the activity is to you, how much your digital marketing budget is, and what it would cost to bring in an agency to support.

When should you build and inhouse digital team?

As digital skills have become less rare, the opportunity to bring your digital marketing inhouse has become more available to a lot of businesses.

The decision on when and how to build an inhouse team is one which is individual to every business. Sometimes the answer is never, but at when activities scale to a critical point, inhousing can be the best solution.

As with most business decisions this often comes down to cost. What would it cost to employ a digital agency? What would the cost of staffing up internally be? And also critically, what is the cost to your business of getting it wrong? Inhousing is not a silver bullet. It can be painful at first, so you need to consider both the short and long term costs.

As a independent consultant I can help with both the decision, and the process. Helping you answer the questions, “should we inhouse our digital marketing?” And if so, how? What does the team need to look like? What skills do we need?

All services are delivered through my consultancy Agent Wolf. If you need support in any of these areas then drop me a line via the contact form, email me on or 07541413925 and lets talk.