The Future’s Bright, The Futures Real Time

After the inclusion of tweets into the search results, and the displaying of fresh news content in relevant SERPs, Google has launched another advancement today which they hope will make their search engine results even more relevant and up to date.  The Google Caffeine update, which has been confirmed as live across their whole network, is not an algorithm change, but a change in the way Google spiders and indexes content.  Search Engine Land summaries the change well, but the bottom line is that it should mean new, fresh content, appears in the Google results a lot sooner than previously.

Each time a breaking news story occurs on the web, there is a flurry of activity as people search to find out the detail, the inside scoop, or the eye witness acount.  Twitter has benefitted from this phenomenon due to its real time nature and community base, and Google wants to do the same.  Whilst people are still using search eninges to find services and goods, theres are a massive amount of search for news and articles, and the more Google can ensure it is providing the freshest, most up to date content, the better the experience for these users.

For content providers this shouldntmean  any change in rankings or traffic, as mentioned above, it isnt an algorithm change, but it should mean that when you add new content, it appears in the SERPs quicker.  It does however strengthen the need for fresh new content.  Google already rewards fresh content in certain areas and with this rollout and more of a focus on “real time” this is bound to become more prominent.

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