Robert Weatherhead

I used to blog a lot but as professional and personal life has progressed, my writing has become less and less frequent.  When I do get chance to write it is often for other publications, a selection of which can be found below.  I also do the odd interview, the highlight being an appearance on the BBC Breakfast News which can also be seen below.

In my day to day life I lead a team of crack commando digital professionals delivering digital strategy for some of the UK’s largest brands. This provides me insight and access into industry perception of events and the opinions of other digital marketers.  But obviously, anything I write on here or elsewhere represents my own personal opinions and not necessarily those of my employer.

If I ever do get around to writing something, I hope you enjoy it! If you wish to contact me you can do so through the comments section or via the contact form the the left.

My 2 minutes of fame:

Some of my recent writing for The Guardian Media Network:

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